Tree Stump Grinding Service

If you don’t want to use your stump as a seat or a bird table, we can remove most stumps from most locations using one of our stump grinders, eliminating the trip hazard or allowing you to replant or landscape the area.

tree Stump grinding service using a Rayco RG9 stump grinderTree Stump Grinding

Our stump grinders range from a small Rayco RG9 pedestrian machine for smaller stumps in small back gardens to a tracked Vermeer SC 60TX capable of tackling even the largest of stumps.

Depending on the machine we use, we can remove stumps to from 10cm to 30cm below ground level. The machine’s teeth reduce the stump to woodchips, mixing it with soil as it goes. We will then backfill the hole created with the grinding waste and mound it over. The grinding waste will decay over time to leave a level surface to plant a new tree or create a new path.

Our Rayco RG1635 tracked stump grinder in operation:

Tree Stump Treatment

Rarely, but sometimes, it’s not possible to get our stump grinders near the area where the stump is to be removed, perhaps because the gate is too narrow or there is a wall too close. If this is the case, we can treat the stump with herbicide to prevent regrowth. Some of our arborists are qualified in the use herbicides for vegetation management and stump treatment.

Depending on your requirements, we can either apply a small amount of herbicide to the live tissue on the cut surface of the stump or alternatively, in areas where children or pets may play, we can drill the stump and insert a herbicide impregnated plug that will safely release the herbicide into the stump.

Over time the stump will decay.